Over the years, the Committee of Management has included many leading members of the national and state industrial tribunals, industrial relations professionals and union leaders, nationally recognised academics, community organisation leaders and high profile members of the legal profession. 

The Committee of Management positions are occupied by full members of the Society.  Each member of the Committee is approved to occupy that position by members at each Annual General Meeting.  Positions on the Committee of Management are held for a period of 12 months.

The Committee generally meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the managmeent of the Society including organising the membership events, conducting its financial affairs, setting membership rates, and fostering the study and understanding of industrial relations issues within the community and amongst its members.

The Committee of Management currently comprises the following persons:

Kaye Smith

Vice President: 
Justin Ward

Immediate Past President: 
Craig Stevens


Glen Seidel

Rodger Prince

Committee Members:
Sandra Dann
Peter Hampton
Sharaze Pentland
Trevor Evans
Kylie Dunn
Darryl Anthony

Hon Trevor Olsson, Ll.B, MBE, KSJ, RFD, ED.